Tips to Selling Content

2017 was a year lots of girls discovered they can sell their own porn videos or nude photos. However, many are doing it the wrong way.

You first need a following. A social media presence of some sort. Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Doesn’t  matter.

Selling of any kind is all about marketing and in this case if you want to sell your body for visual purposes you need to market yourself well. Here are a few pointers.

1. Make a separate social media account.

Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Come up with an alias and rebuild your social media profiles. This is to keep your personal life separate from business. Also keeps any judgmental friends or relatives from harassing you.

Also, keep it active.

2. Keep personal life separate.

Don’t talk about your boyfriend, family and especially your kids. Do not post personal photos of kids for safety reasons. Also, it makes it difficult for guys to find you sexually attractive when you post photos with your kid. Too many of them it can be a turn off. They want sex, they want nudes. A photo of your child ruins the mood.

I saw someones Premium Snapchat, she posted a few nudes then right after a photo of her baby. You don’t want to do that. Learn to keep both adult work and personal life separate.

3. Keep rants to a minimal.

Countless times I’ve seen girls complain and complain about something in their lives going wrong or vent about a boyfriend or baby daddy that I no longer care to follow them. I’ve lost interest. We want to follow girls who are pleasant and happy. The more anger you show the world, buyers etc. The less support you’ll find.

Please do not get angry with your followers! I’ve seen girls rage against followers for not buying content. Do not do that!

4. No drugs references.

Fans won’t support you if you act, look or talk like a druggie. You can speak on it. Share your knowledge, but don’t post photos high or glorifying hard drugs. Weed is acceptable. Fans are more likely to support someone who has her shit together and not blowing their money on drugs. Look and act clean.

5. Don’t beg people to buy content.

You don’t want to appear desperate. Fans and potential buyers want to feel like you care about them and not just their money. If we visit your twitter and all we see are “Please buy my content” tweets no one is going to care. They want insight to who you are. Basically be professional. How you portray yourself on social media plays a role on how successful you are.

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